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Worst Is Likely Over For Winter Blast In Tyler

"Never happened before. Never," says Tyler resident Gloria Hurd.

She's been through the last ice storm in Tyler, but didn't realize this time her husband's truck would be taking the fall.

"About 3 o'clock this morning I heard a loud commotion and I didn't know what happened. So I said I better go check and I didn't because I was scared.

The ice is not the only issue Tylerites were dealing with so is all the saturation from the rain.  It's likely the reason why a large tree on Lake Street in Tyler came crashing down a house.

When you look underneath, you can see all the water that has accumulated underground.

The heavy downpour also caused a part of a retaining wall to give way near ETMC.

And just south of Tyler near Mud Creek, what was once a pasture is now partially covered by a river of water.

Near I-20 and 69, a travel bus lost control and overturned on the highway.  An image officials are trying to avoid for those traveling on Tyler roads.

"We've already sanded them once this morning. A little bit before noon, they started icing up a little bit and we took care of that," says City of Tyler Street Manager Robin Smart.

But it was a "sinking" feeling out at FM 724, the same spot as the infamous sinkhole. TXDOT officials say so much rain has caused some erosion and parts of it will have to be resurfaced in the coming days.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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