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Longview Dealing With Power Outages And Flooding

Flooding and power outages caused many problems in Longview. Fortunately, there was little or no ice on the roads, but there was plenty on the trees. Some even caught on fire after falling on power lines.    But the city of Longview says no matter what, it's ready for anything Mother Nature brings.

Rains from the weekend caused floods and road closures in Longview.

"We had some minor flooding as far as the amount of rains that we had yesterday and this morning, but we have crews out at some of the hot spots see if we can clean some of the debris out of the ditches," says Dan Bogue, Public Works Manager for the city.

The flooding even caused a roadway to cave in. "It's a big sinkhole, looks like it's about two or three feet deep, but when you look underneath it's about six foot deep or so you could probably fit a car underneath the asphalt," says nearby resident Terry Badeaux.

Nearby residents say ever since Saturday's rains, the hole has just gotten bigger and bigger, so much so that residents on the other side of the roadway can't even drive through.  

"It got worse as it rained, and all the water comes down the hill...it's dangerous for kids, cars," Terry says.

But perhaps the biggest inconvenience Longview residents dealt with Monday was no power. SWEPCO says as most, 3800 went without and still there are around 40 without.    Tree limbs are falling onto nearby power lines, causing the trees to catch fire or the power lines to go down. It's because icicles forming on those trees are too heavy for the limb to hold.  

"We're coming off a drought season and trees are brittle because of the lack of moisture," says Bogue.

But the city says its especially ready for Monday night's possible freezing rain and icy bridges.     SWEPCO says there's no real time frame as to when customers can expect their power to be back on.   If you would like to report a power outage, you can call SWEPCO's hotline at: 1-888-218-3919.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: Tracy@kltv.com.

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