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1/15/07-Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs Covered In Ice

The weather made for treacherous driving across the northern parts of East Texas. Along Highway 154 in Hopkins County, ice covered bridges and overpasses.  The city of Sulphur Springs, about 70 miles north of Tyler, was among the hardest hit areas.  

There was ice everywhere you looked in Sulphur Springs: on roofs, power lines, trees, grass and especially on bridges and overpasses.  For some, getting in their car was just half the battle.  Darin Fender was on his way to get groceries this morning when he noticed ice built all over his car. "When it's iced over like this, it really causes problems," said Fender.

Officials say there were a number of tree limbs that were knocked over by heavy winds. "Don't get out unless you have to," said Sulphur Springs Police Department Lt. Norman Sanders.  "The bridges and overpasses are still pretty treacherous. The interstate has had a number of minor accidents."

Authorities say there were widespread power outages but electricity was restored to every home within an hour.  Businesses, such as car dealerships, also had their hands full. "The cars had ice all over them," said Gober-Merrell Auto Dealer owner Joe Mack Gober.  His vehicle had a thick sheet of ice over it.  "This is how my car was covered up this morning. It's not as bad now, but this all looked like this when I got in this morning," said Gober, referring to the dozens of cars parked on the lot.

No matter how big a hassle the ice was today, folks told us they are just glad things were not any worse.    

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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