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01/15/07 - Baghdad, Iraq

Hussein's half-brother, other co-defendant hanged

Barzan Hassan was Hussein's half-brother and a former chief of the secret police. Barzan Hassan was Hussein's half-brother and a former chief of the secret police.

Saddam Hussein's half-brother and the chief judge under his Baath Party regime followed him to the gallows early Monday, hanged for their roles in the killings of 148 men and boys after a 1982 assassination attempt, Iraqi government officials said.

Barzan Hassan, the former chief of his secret police, and Awad Bandar, the country's former chief judge under the former regime, were hanged about 5 a.m. Monday (9 p.m. Sunday ET), said Basam Ridha, the spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's office.

Ridha said the executions were carried out with dignity and respect and without the shouted Shia chants and taunting from guards, witnesses and executioners that marred the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

Everyone in the room was required to sign an agreement promising not to engage in such behavior, he said.

The only unusual aspect was that Hassan's head became separated from his body by the hangman's noose, Ridha said. He called it "an act of God."

The government has no plans to make public a video of the executions, Ridha said. Only a silent video of the Hussein hanging was released of that execution. Mobile-phone video of that hanging showed Shiite guards taunting the Sunni ex-dictator on the scaffold, outraging other Sunnis and sparking criticism of the execution as a sectarian lynching.

A close source to the Iraqi High Tribunal told CNN that both men were executed at the same location where Hussein had been executed and a building where Hussein's intelligence officers had hanged so many others. The men were executed at the same time, the source said.

Hassan and Bandar were sentenced to death in November for the executions of 148 people from the mostly-Shiite Muslim village of Dujail after an unsuccessful attempt to kill Hussein. Their death sentences were upheld by an Iraqi appeals court in December but delayed amid the controversy surrounding Hussein's Dec. 30 execution.

Story courtesy of CNN Newsource.

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