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Flooding Closes Longview Roadways

       Customers jammed stores today in Longview, looking to round up supplies as they prepared for a possible winter ice storm. Yesterday, drivers had to dodge several flooded streets as the steady rain kept coming. Many low lying roads had to be shut down until the water receded. And tonight's threat of ice had many scrambling to stores looking for supplies.

     "I've got plenty of batteries plenty of bottle water, we're good" said Longview resident Nick Cornieliuson.

       "Oh we do have some concerns but I think we have most areas covered we shouldn't be without power too long" said Pittsburg homeowner Wade Gerig.

      The rain has caused mud slides which had to be cleared away from several flooded roads. Many are remembering past ice storms, like December 2000 which left thousands without power, and want to be prepared in the worst case scenario.

      "I remember everything was shut down practically no cars on the roads probably the biggest ice storm we had in a while" says last minute shopper Debra Peterson.

       Bottled water and flashlight batteries were in high demand, as residents worried about power being knocked out.

    "Definitely worried about that happening again, I don't like to be cold and without electricity" said Longview resident Melanie McGee.

    Miraculously, few accidents have been recorded on the wet roads, and all of those have been minor. 

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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