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Storm Leaves Trees Down, Lakes Up And People Prepping For The Worst

This morning, a huge tree smack dab in the middle of Broadway. It had long stood in front of Goodman's Museum, but came crashing down after yesterday's downpour saturated the ground.

The same thing happened at a Tyler home only this time, it landed on the roof.

Carl Pirtle, a long time friend of the homeowner says, "She called me and just said she had a tree fall.  Of course,  I've known her for a long time, known she was a widow, so I just came over to see what I might do."

The tree took down part of a power line causing a frightening boom and sparks and smoke to fly. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and it looks like the damage to the roof was minimal.

"I'm not a structural man, but I was surprised there was not any more damage than there was. She was real fortunate. The Lord was watching out for her," says Carl.

The four inches of rain in Tyler yesterday translated into a foot and a half increase at Lake Tyler. For the first time in months, rushing water could be seen. It was a sight so rare, passersby  stopped to see for themselves.

But with the brunt of the storm still a few hours away, people spent the early evening getting ready for the potentially icy system. Pipe insulation, faucet covers, and space heaters were all in strong supply at Lowe's, but the one thing many people seemed to be looking for was nowhere to be found.

Kyle Adams, Lowe's department manager says,  "My main questions have been about generators; do we still have generators? Are we running out of generators?  And the answer is yes, we're out."

Management at Lowe's says this morning the shelves were stocked with at least 20 generators ranging in price from five hundred to thirteen hundred dollars.  They say those who are preparing for the worst know a bad ice storm could mean widespread power outages, and they want to be ready.

If you are one of the people who did get a generator, remember that it can not be run in closed in areas. The emissions can be lethal.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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