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Study Finds More Americans Procrastinate

      A new study by a Canadian university shows more Americans, are procrastinators.   In Longview we found a number of people with a habit of putting things off.

    "Do I procrastinate, maybe and maybe not" said Longview resident Lindsay Moore.

     "I guess it depends on what it is, if it's laundry I'll procrastinate to the next day if it's work I'll usually get it done" said self-admitted procrastinator Jackie Shepherd.

     Researchers at Calgary University found 26 percent of Americans were chronic procrastinators. A 500-percent increase in 30 years. But for some folks in the cell phone, I-Pod, and pager age, that news is no surprise.

       "I do procrastinate especially here in Texas, no more New York minutes for me" said New York native Trish Meeks.

     The research shows procrastinators are less healthy, poorer, and less productive, but many ordinary people say there's just less time. From being late on their taxes , to putting off Christmas shopping, even we'll known business people suffer from it.

      "Yes but I prefer to call it I like slide under the wire at the 11th hour" said auto sales executive Jan Maynard.

    One interesting note though, the 5 year study took 10 years to complete. 

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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