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"Pizza For Pesos" Program Drawing Mixed Reaction

The "Pizza Patron" chain announced Monday they were starting a test program to accept pesos, the currency used in Mexico.  Since the company began its "Pizza For Pesos" program, it has received death threats.

The restaurant has 60 stores in Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Some criticize the move including Tyler restaurant owner Margarita Campos. She says the move is unpatriotic and aids illegal immigration. "For me it's about respect that I owe to the country where I live, which opened its doors to me," said Campos.

Pizza Patron says that 60 percent of their customers are Latino and accepting pesos is more convenient. Under the program, cashiers use a currency conversion chart.  They accept paper pesos but give change back in U.S. dollars. "I'm sorry that folks have used this 'Pizza for Pesos' program as an opportunity to vent their frustration with the problem of immigration in the U.S.," said Pizza Patron president Antonio Swad.

The owner of Loggins Restaurant & Buffet in Tyler, Jerry Loggins, says although he wouldn't take pesos, he does not care if other businesses do. "If somebody wants to do it, that's their business. It doesn't bother me. I'm just not going to do it," said Loggins.

Earl Stuart, of Van, thinks it should be up to the company to decide how it will charge for their goods and services. "If a business takes pesos, I don't have a problem with it. It seems to me fair that you could take dollars or pesos, either one. It's the business' business what they take for money," said Stuart.

Elsie Davis, of Tyler, went to Mexico on vacation, exchanging her dollars to pesos. "More than likely, when you finish buying, you still have pesos left and to me it's worthless once I get back over here," said Davis.  Davis thinks receiving pesos as payment is not acceptable.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.  ortega@kltv.com


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