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"Lovieing It," Bears Coach's Family Shares Memories

The city of Chicago and the town of Big Sandy are separated by about 900 miles of road, but they are connected by one famous citizen, former wildcat Lovie Smith.

"When you get to Chicago, it's Lovie, Lovie, Lovie. When you get up there it is completely and totally Lovie Smith and that's our brother," said his sister, Shelly Smith. 

Bears Coach Lovie Smith has become a fan favorite. From commentators to the fans on the street, it is rare to hear a negative word about Lovie.

"The phrase is, we are 'Lovieing it,' said sister, Martha Lemons, "and we are. We are absolutely 'Lovieing it.'"

Coach Smith calls his mother dail and she has been there to guide him as he deals with the pressures of an NFL coach.

"I just told him, treat everybody nice and they'll be nice to you," his mother, Mae said.

Of course mom also offers up some coaching advice. Lovie does not always listen.

"He would let me say what I wanted to and then he would do what he wanted to," she laughed. 

Every Sunday you can find the Smith family in front of the TV cheering on their son and brother. But where you won't find them is at a game. You see they consider themselves bad luck. For three years, every game they attended the Bears have lost all but one.

"We don't want to mess up their chances in the playoffs," Martha said.

But there is one game they say they will definitely attend: Super bowl XLI. The Smith family's bags are packed, now they just need the team to get them there.

"We're all set," Martha said. "All we need now is a hotel."

 Coach Smith and the Bears face the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, January 14, at noon.

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