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Sleep Center Helps East Texans Get A Good Night Sleep

If you're not getting enough sleep, there's a new place where you can catch your Zzzzs.  Trinity Mother Frances Health System opened their new Sleep Center in Tyler. Every room is more like a home setting for their patients with Sleep Number beds and flat screen TV's.  At the center, sleep help doctors determine if and what type of sleep disorder you may have.

One East Texan says his sleep was affecting his marriage so much that divorce was even a option.

40 year old Chris Loyd of Gilmer and his wife have not gotten a good night sleep in more than a year.

"I was keeping her from sleeping because I was snoring so loud.  I was also waking up the children in the other room.  I would wake up just gasping for air and she would try to shake," says Chris.

In order to save his marriage, he went to see Dr. R.V. Ghuge with Trinity Mother Frances Sleep Center.

"Chris was tired and had sleepiness in the daytime and couldn't work effectuality as he would have liked to," says Dr. Ghuge.

During Chris's sleep study, Dr. Ghuge found Chris had 122 disruptions in one night and never got into a deep sleep, which explains why he was tired during the day.

"Chris has had problems with breathing during his sleep and this difficult has manifested into snoring," says Dr. Ghuge.

Dr. Ghuge diagnosed Chris with sleep apnea. Chris now wears a breathing device at night to help him and his family get a good night sleep.

"I would recommend anyone having some sleep problems or if your spouse says you have a problem you need to get it checked out because it will save your life and your marriage," says Chris.

Dr. Ghuge says several other health problems can arise if you suffer from sleep apnea. For example, untreated sleep apnea increases your risk for a stroke by almost 300%.  So if you think you have a sleeping problem, you should talk to your doctor.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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