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Man Arrested After Posing As A Doctor

A Tyler man poses as a doctor and is able to get prescriptions filled, as many as 700 prescriptions in at least three cities according to the Smith County Sheriff's Department.  They say a major dealer is now off the streets with the arrest of 38 year old Richard Henderson. He is charged with fraud and delivery of a controlled substance.  Investigators believe Henderson went to multiple pharmacies in Dallas, Houston and Tyler filling prescriptions and then selling them on the streets.   Here is how investigators believe he did it.

"Call the pharmacy first impersonating the doctor with the doctors DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) number. Order the pills for a certain individual and act like that individual and he has done this according to him 700 times... that's a lot," says Sheriff Smith.

Sheriff Smith says Richard Henderson admitted to stealing a doctor's identity 9 years ago and was using it to get prescription drugs.

"There is no doubt in our mind he was selling to high school kids or anyone that would buy," says Sheriff Smith.

After arresting Henderson, Smith County Sheriff's Department recovered 300 Lortabs (a painkiller) and 120 Xanax (an anti-anxiety medication). Henderson apparently was posing as Dr. Robert Chouteau of Dallas.

"The doctor was in fact aware of it and was notified twice during that period of time of suspicious circumstances.  Of course, there is nothing that the doctor can do about it," says Sheriff Smith.

We spoke with Mark Sullivan a pharmacist at Good's pharmacy about what can be done to ensure this doesn't happen.  

"What we do is if we question at all of who that nurse is or we are not absolutely sure who is calling that prescription in.  We then call a doctors office back and ask did you call that in," says Sullivan.

For now, Sheriff Smith says Henderson will be behind bars.  

"At least we got this one off the street and I don't think he will be back for a while," says Sheriff Smith.

We found out, Henderson has been arrested 7 other times in Smith County on multiple counts of fraudulent possession of a controlled substance and theft.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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