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Town Abuzz For Their Nashville Star

First, there was Miranda, then Casey and now another Kacey, debuting on national television. Kacey Musgraves is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter who has the whole town of Mineola buzzing.  

They're everywhere..."downtown, I even seen them on some houses," says Cheryl Wood.

Every corner, every shop..."even up in Quitman, and Emory, Alba, we're seeing them everywhere," says Debbie Cade.

They're posters of country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves.

People from Mineola say the whole town pretty much has Kacey fever, everyone showing support for their hometown girl. In fact, some shops have two to three posters in their window.

Bob Brown says, "it's getting to be kind of wild and crazy, in a good way though."

All the craziness is because Kacey is competing in country music's version of American Idol, called Nashville Star and it kicks off Thursday night.  

"My nieces are coming over, we're gonna have a little support Kacey party!" says Cheryl

Jim Bittner, says "this is a big deal, you know, I mean people are excited about it."

But perhaps the most excited is John Defoore. He's been teaching Kacey guitar and songwriting for the past four years.

"She plays the guitar, she sings great, she writes her own songs, she has a real command of the stage," John says.

He says no one deserves to win more than Kacey.

"She's worked really hard and she's given up a lot to do this, you know what teenagers would normally be doing so she's earned it, it's not just a fluke or something, she's really worked hard for it," he says.

And with that kind of work ethic, he knows she'll go far. 

"You can pretty well just put that in the bag," he says.

Cheryl adds, "Oh yeah, all the way."

You can watch Kacey Musgraves on Nashville Star Thursday night at 9 o'clock on the USA network.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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