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East Texas Soldier's Perspective On Troop Surge

"If they send 20,000 troops it's not going to do anything," says Specialist Ryan Krumblis.

He believes that will happen, only if there is not a specific plan for what those troops need to do.

While in Iraq, his infantry worked closely with the Iraqi army and ridding towns of insurgents. His unit was so successful in Mosul, they were given orders to help do the same in Baghdad.

"With as many people in Baghdad, they sat there and told us they hadn't seen troops in the area in 2 1/2 years," says Krumblis.

Krumblis says Sadr City is a haven for terrorists. He says more troops would help defeat a physical war and the war to mend differences.

"In doing that, it's going to open up a lot of communication lines with the people that are there that have only had one or two different opinions thrown at them from the same people over and over. Let us in there and clear out what's not supposed to be there and work with the people again and get their support the way we did in other provinces," suggests Krumblis.

At the same time, he knows first hand the feeling of wanting to return home.

He was delivered a blow last year when three days before they were to return home for good, they were told their tour would be extended.

"We were all done. We had let ourselves go and we were at the same time mentally exhausted and physically exhausted so that came as a big shock," Krumblis recalls.

But what's not shocking is his commitment to what he signed up for.

"As an infantryman and being a part of the military once my commander-in-chief says we go, we go," Krumblis says.

And if going is in his future on his next tour of duty, he won't be looking back but forward...no questions asked.

Krumblis also believes in certain areas, the Iraqi army is ready to take over.

Krumblis leaves next week to begin his next tour and has signed on to be in the Army through December 2009.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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