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Three East Texas Gravestones Run Over

   Three gravesites run over. Police believe someone went on a joyride through an East Texas cemetery.  

    On Monday, police found the damage at the McJohnsons Cemetery in Marshall. Investigators say someone driving a truck plowed through the gravesites, knocking over tombstones and tearing up the ground.

   The estimated damage has not been released. But some, who have family members buried in the aging graveyard, say they cannot believe someone would do this.  

Michael Jones, who has family buried in cemetery, said, "Man, that's crazy because I've got family and friends over there. That makes me mad that their graves got run over and knocked down and stuff. If it happened to one of my family members I think my whole family would be upset."  

    Marshall police are questioning someone, but no charges or arrests have been made.

Bob Hallmark, reporting,


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