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Construction Equipment Stolen From Lear Park

Thousands of dollars in stolen construction equipment in Longview.   Police say it happened Tuesday night at Lear Park. The thief or thieves cut the padlocks on a gate to the park. That's where they broke into a trailer belonging to Excel Utilities Construction Company and stole work equipment estimated at a total of 35,000 dollars.  

Dale Dodson, owner of Excel Utilities Construction Company, says, "maybe once a year, we have a lot of copper theft, once it's installed in the ground, they'll try to come back and try to cut the copper off above the ground, something usually easy, this is the most I've ever seen them take the time to hit you hard." 

Police say thieves also broke into a building supply company where they stole five mortar mixers also valued at several thousands of dollars. We do not know at this time if the two burglaries are related.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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