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TAB Says Texas Has Looming Energy Crisis

Without new energy sources, a new report says Texas will enter an energy crisis that could lead to black-outs and high prices.

The Texas Association of Business says this year, the state is dangerously close to the 12.5% reserve margin needed to insure adequate electric supply. Next year, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is projecting those reserves will drop below 12.5%.

The TAB is proposing new plants to increase those reserves. They say currently, Texas relies too heavily on gas and oil. By increasing our dependence on coal by building coal-fired power plants, they say the situation could be turned around.

Bill Hammond is the president of the Texas Association of Business. He says, "Our ability to generate electricity and our demand are running neck and neck. You have that combined with the fact that Texas is growing so fast, and we have an expanding economy, and we have a growing population. You add all of that together, and we're on the edge of disaster if we don't build these plants."

Hammond says permits have been filed for new, coal-fired plants. If approved, construction could begin within six months.

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