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1/9/07-Titus County

More Than A Dozen Dogs Possibly Poisoned

More than a dozen dogs in an East Texas neighborhood are found dead in just a matter of weeks.   It happened in Titus County, in an area just east of Mount Pleasant and south of the Cookville community .   Neighbors say each dog died the same way and with the same symptoms. That's why they think someone is poisoning their beloved pets.    

Penny Scott loves animals. In fact, she used to own five dogs but a few weeks ago, three of them suddenly died, all within half an hour. She was told by a veterinarian it looked like they were poisoned.  

"They were spitting up foam from their mouth and kicking and trying to catch their breath, it's horrible," she says.

Ginger Dennis lives down the street. The same thing happened to her dog "P"nut.  

"They're poisoned, somebody's poisoned them, gotta be," Ginger says. 

The pet owners say they don't know if someone is intentionally putting poison in food or if a neighbor has put poison around their property to protect livestock. The Sheriff's Department says lab results, so far, have been inconclusive.   

"Because of the number and them being in close proximity I think a reasonable person might conclude that there is some suspicious activity or suspicious circumstances as to why these animals might have died," says Chief Deputy Miguel Larsen with the Titus County Sheriff's Department.    

"We all have children, I mean what if our children get a hold of this, you know, and I'm not taking that chance, not with my child," Penny says.

Penny now keeps her dogs inside and watches their every move outside.   

"If you see them die the way they died, the horrible death, then you would understand, if you have any care at all for an animal it would bother you," Penny says.

Neighborhood pet owners we spoke with say if their dogs are bothering anyone or anyone's property, they would like to be notified before any action is taken.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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