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Seniors Learning When To Hand Over The Car Keys

The fastest growing driving population is seniors according to Triple A.  Meaning more will deal with the emotional issue of when to tell a loved one it's time to give up the car keys.  Dozens of East Texas seniors and caregivers attended a seminar to help them better understand when it's no longer safe to be on the road.

"I think we need to be a little more careful," says Dorothy Wright, 73 years old.

"You loss your independence totally," says Lynn Johnson, 66 years old.

"I'm not there yet but I will be some day," says Jim McLeod, 69 years old.

Most people know their time will come, when they have to hand over their car keys.  Dr. Kent Davis, a Geriatrician for UT Health Center held a seminar called 'Driving and The Older Adult.'

"Many times it is talking to the family, listening to the patient and suggest they stop driving. But it is a very very difficult thing to loss your driving privileges," says Dr. Davis.

He says possible signs it's time to give up the keys are: if you have seizures, take sedating medicines, have severe arthritis, experience fainting spells or have pain in your joints.

"Things that are on the edge is when you memory starts to go," says Dr. Davis.

62 year old Suzy Miller of Tyler brought both her mother and mother-in-law to the seminar.

"I ride with both of them and so far they are doing absolutely wonderful. So far we are okay but this is just to help us and look for danger signs in the future.  It's a very touchy subject there is no right way to do it," says Suzy.

"I tell people if you are going to talk to a family member about their driving don't do it in the car. Wait until you get home and wait for the fire storm because it's not going to be nice," says Dr. Davis.

Despite the tension in your family, you could be saving your loved ones life. Along with everyone else's on the road.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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