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7 On Your Side:TV Dispute Turns Picture Perfect

"I just simply wanted what I paid for... or what I thought I was paying for," says Adam Hailey of Tyler.

You would too if you if you paid well over a couple thousand dollars for a 50-inch Sony television.

"I wanted a Sony because of the compatibility with the Playstation 3 that was coming out," Adam says.

He bought his TV from Best Buy in Tyler last June, and he specifically wanted one that could display a 1080p picture and read 1080p from an outside source--in this case the PS3.

He says it was advertised as having the 1080p feature at Best Buy, and was assured at the store it would work with his Playstation.

"Via HDMI cable, plug it into the back of my 1080p Sony television it will display 1080p," says Adam, explaining how he was told it would work.  "It won't work!," he says.

Unsatisfied with the TV, the logical thing to do would be exchange it--right?

Adam says he tried that and even told Best Buy he'd pay the difference if it meant getting a more expensive TV.

"[Best Buy] just kept going back to 'look what you have is a 1080p TV, you're not hooking it up right.'" says Adam.

But it wasn't the hook up at all.

7 On Your Side contacted Sony Television and they confirmed for us, that while the television does display a 1080p resolution, the inputs where you plug in sources like the ps3 only read up to 1080i.

We got Sony in touch with Adam.

"He said hey look, we want to exchange the TV, we understand the issue you're having with it. We know you're a happy Sony customer and we want to keep you that way," says Adam describing the conversation with the Sony representative.

The good folks at Sony offered a larger 60-inch TV, valued at $1,500 more. All he would have to do is pay an exchange fee.

"So it's going to have all the features that I have now, it's going to do 1080p and it's a 60-inch. I'm glad I called [7 On Your Side]. I'm really glad."

Sony is delivering the TV directly to Adam's house. A solution to a problem that will be well worth the wait.

Christine brought Adam's situation to the attention of a supervisor at the Tyler Best Buy. Although he didn't want to speak on camera, he says it's unfortunate that something could not have been worked out there.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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