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Nellie, The Chocolate Lab, Recovering Well

Remember Nellie?  She was the chocolate Labrador who was dragged down a Van Zandt County road leaving huge gashes in her side and on her legs.

At first, the veterinarian, Dr. Clifton Bradshaw, wasn't even sure she'd live. Today, she is getting along much better. After three surgeries and countless hours of therapy, she's running and jumping again with the help of a pair of boots that protect the paws of her feet that were worn completely to the bone from the trauma. The doctor says watching her recovery has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his 18 year practice.

"To see her come as far as she has with the joy and the exuberance she has, it warms your heart to see her be able to get up and go like she has. It's what makes my job fun everyday," says Nellie.

Nellie is expected to go home in the next couple of weeks. The two teenagers allegedly involved in Nellie's dragging are still waiting to go before the Grand Jury. No charges have been filed.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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