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A Better East Texas:Post Office Customer Service

There are new terms floating around some of your favorite shopping places. They're saying things like, "wringing costs and creating new efficiencies" and "better serving customers by shortening check-out lines" all in an effort to make your shopping experience more pleasing.

This is a result of a new employee scheduling system being implemented by Wal Mart and others retailers to schedule workers based on the volume of customers in the store. If you've ever wasted time standing in a long check out line this system should help.

No doubt, this is good news for Wal Mart shoppers.

I couldn't help but wonder after reading this if we might ever hear anything like that from another place you most likely visit....the post office. Well, I guess we can only hope there's at least one Postmaster or Consumer Affairs Officer in our neighborhood who wants to make this A Better East Texas. But then again, at the rate Wal Mart's going we may be sending our packages through them in the next few years! Consumer Affairs Officer?!?  That title alone almost sounds like customer service is a covert operation!

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