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Family Searches For Missing East Texas Woman

She was supposed to be home for Christmas with her children,  but an East Texas woman never made it back from a trip to Florida.  Linda Hooper, 28, of Mt. Pleasant has not been seen for more than three weeks. 

Hooper's family says she was a loving mother to her children and that makes the disappearance puzzling.  "She's been a good mother to her four children and this is very very unusual for her," said Linda's grandmother, Sylvia Upton.

Linda left Mt. Pleasant on December 8th to visit a man in St. Petersburg Florida that she had meet through an internet single parents chat room.  "She was just going down there to meet them and the report we got is that they put her on a bus on the 15th and the bus station does have records of it.  No one's heard form her since," said John Hooper, Linda's father.

The last time she was seen was boarding a Greyhound bus.  "I'm just worried that if she did get on that bus and they say she did she might have gotten off somewhere and didn't realize where she was and anything can happen," said stepmother Joyce Hooper.

Her family members say Hooper was on medication for depression. They're extremely worried that she may be disoriented. She has officially been listed as a missing person by St. Petersburg police, and her disappearance has been traumatic for all members of her family. "Emotionally it has had everybody almost to the point of being physically ill, not knowing is worse than knowing," said John.

"I just want her to call us, or whatever cause it's tearing me apart and my brothers and sisters too," said Cheyenne Hooper, Linda's 12-year-old daughter.

If you have information on Hooper's whereabouts,  call local police.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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