15 Years Later, Investigators Still Looking For Leads In Kelly Wilson Disappearance

It remains one of East Texas' biggest unsolved mysteries, and it sparked rumors of cults, kidnappings, and even pornography. A wound time has not healed in Gilmer,  15 years later, unanswered questions as to what happened to 17 years old Kelly Wilson.

"A case like this is a cold case, you never close a missing person, this is a suspected homicide, we are reviewing this case starting from the beginning" said Gilmer Detective Scott Richardson, who is now in charge of the case.

There are 17 boxes of files on her disappearance, there were hundreds of leads, wild rumors of kidnapping and cult involvement,  even pornography. But the answers continue to elude investigators.

"Over the years hundreds, thousands of leads. The cult the pornography,  I believe you're going to find had nothing to do with the disappearance of Kelly Wilson"said Richardson.

In January 1992 Wilson was supposed to be leaving work with bank receipts, that's the last time anyone saw her alive. Folks with we talked to say they want the truth , not matter how long it takes.

"I'd like to see it continue because if it was my child I would want it to continue" said Gilmer resident Carolyn Hill.

And some are still holding out hope she will be found alive.

"It's a slim slim hope but I'm sure it's still there for some people, im like anybody else in Gilmer probably, I'd just like to see it solve go to court , but the main thing is get a closure on it" said longtime resident Cloddie Henson.

Numerous arrests connected to the case have been made over the years, but all suspects were released due to lack of evidence. Among those suspect, Kelly Wilson's former boyfriend, who died from cancer in 2004. Anyone with any information on the case is asked to call Gilmer Police.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com