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New Traffic Control Technology Coming To East Texas

New technology is coming to East Texas to ease a crowded Tyler road.   Starting next month, the city will install the technology at 17 different intersections on parts of South Broadway, Old Bullard and Loop 323.  

It's a common scene around lunch time on South Broadway.   Cars backed up and short green lights, but some relief may be on it's way thanks to a new traffic control system. It's called Adaptive Control and it's expected to reduce delay by almost 20 percent.

"What it does is use equipment in the field that actually counts cars and puts the counts into a traffic model that's updated continuously," said Tyler's Traffic Engineer Kirk Houser.  Houser says the current traffic control system can only be updated once a year, but this new system can adjust or adapt on its own almost instantly. It says the new technology will be able to adapt to what's happening at that time, like a traffic accident that causes cars to back up or a new store opening.

"It can handle those sorts of situations," said Houser.  "It will adjust the lights to attempt to flush the traffic out as best as it can." The Adaptive Control system is good news for those having to fight South Broadway traffic.

"They are about 10 years late, but I think it's a great idea," said a Tyler resident. 

"Any help we can get, we will be glad to take," said another resident. The city says it hopes to begin installing the new system in the next couple of months and be done around June.   The city says it does not have an exact number, but expects the Adaptive Control technology to cost $120,000 and the installation around $300,000.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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