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National Weather Service Confirms Tornado Hit Poynor

It was one week ago since severe storms raged through East Texas. The town of Poynor suffered some of the worst damage. The National Weather Service confirmed it was a tornado that hit Poynor which is something the citizens already knew. 

"It really pleased me to know that they finally recognized it as a tornado not a straight line wind," says Daniel Brewer.

Those who lived through the storm that rolled through Poynor last Friday night had no doubt it was a tornado.    

"I am sure it was a tornado because we heard it and we felt it . We felt the suction and we heard like a train on top of us," says Virginia Moore.

The National Weather Service confirmed it was a strong F1 tornado. The tornado was strong enough to uproot trees, it demolished 20 storage units to a slab and ripped roofs off of houses. 

"The devastation has been terrible but everybody in the community and the family, we have done so much clean up. I said at first it is just a house but now it's a lot of work," says Virginia.

There is an issue of concern to citizens, Poynor was under a tornado warning at the time; but the sirens never went off.

"We have had a siren for about 10 years and the service was degraded to the point that it didn't work. We were using an answering service to set it off and the fire department seemed to think it was an antiquated system so we did order one but unfortunately it was on back order," says Mayor Dannie Smith.

Mayor Smith says the warning would have changed how some would have reacted, that night.

"If we knew that it was coming we probably would have left.  There is no house that is going to stand a tornado if it is slow enough to take, just like it took those buildings.   So we wouldn't have stayed if we would have had time to leave," says Virginia.

Mayor Smith says the new siren will be in, in a few weeks.

Some of the residents of Poynor did not have insurance. The Poynor Disaster Relief Fund has been set up at First State Bank in Frankston.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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