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Angel Stolen From Gregg County Grave

        An East Texas family is angry after a family grave site is vandalized in Gregg county.  On December 30th family members of Ray Nell Guess found something missing from her grave at the Rock Springs Cemetery.

      "I never would have thought that someone would have the audacity to just jerk up a an angel off someone's grave site" said Guess daughter, Dee Dee Eaves.  

      The angel wasn't made of bronze or copper or anything valuable. It was a simple alabaster angel about 3 feet tall,  but it had value to the family, it was Mrs. Guess's constant companion while she was sick.. Guess passed away in August, after battling cancer for 3 months.

       "I don't know who would want to take it I don't know why they would want to take it, it meant something to us, the person that took it or has it or whatever, it doesn't mean anything to them" says Eaves.

   Eaves is most angry that her mothers final resting place was the scene of a crime.

 "It was hers , it wasn't theirs it wasn't mine, it was hers" she says.

   No other grave sites were disturbed. Eaves has one last thing to say to those who did this.

   "She wouldn't do this to anyone else, I forgive them" says Dee Dee.  

    The Eaves family asks if anyone has information or has seen the missing angel, to please call the Gregg County Sheriffs Office.

 Bob Hallmark/ .

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