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Bra Stops Stray Bullet

 It was a typical New Year's Eve. A St. Petersburg family was sitting outside enjoying the fireworks when all of a sudden something came falling from the sky.

 "Just a sharp pain and then I grabbed my shoulder and noticed I was bleeding and then I pulled my blouse back and saw this big hole and realized that it was a gun shot."

Debbie Bingham had been hit by a bullet from a gun that was fired into the air.

 "So we rushed in the house, called 911 and they came right over."  

"He said I was very lucky because what saved it was my bra strap. Yes my bra strap is what saved it."  "that's what we call it, a miracle bra."

The 45-caliber bullet hit Debbie's left bra strap. She believes the 6-dollar bra prevented the bullet from causing more damage than it did.

 "It was a good supportive bra."

 "I call it the wonder bra because it's a wonder that it caught the bullet."

 "Victoria's Secret, whoever made it, thanks a million. Thanks!"

Police still don't know who fired the gun. But say this isn't the first time someone's been injured this way.  "A few years ago a lady at the Vinoy was struck by a bullet that was coming down after it was fired in the air." it's just no one remembers a bra... Apparently stopping a bullet.  "and i'd love to have a couple more of those bras." a wonder bra... A miracle bra...

Whatever you want to call it... Debbie just considers herself lucky.

source: CNN Newsource

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