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Malcolm In the Middle: Kelly Recalls OU Season, Fiesta Bowl

"It used to overwhelm me just to have the jersey on itself," Malcolm Kelly said, wearing his OU Fiesta Bowl sweatshirt and surrounded by OU memorabilia. "You used to watch that team on TV win all the championships and all that."

Malcolm's teammate is a Heisman Trophy nominee; his coach, a college football legend, and with each catch, OU wide receiver Malcolm Kelly is adding his name as a part of Sooners history.
"When I first got there, I was just trying to find my way on the team," he said. "Trying to just make myself an impact player on the team."

In his two seasons with OU, Malcolm has become the impact player he'd dreamed of being. Last year he was named to The Sporting News Freshman All-American team, leading the Sooners in receptions.

"I'm very proud of Malcolm, the fact that he's done very well at OU," said Malcolm's mother, Marva. "We're just proud that he's stayed on top of his grades, but we are proud of him for everything he's done."

On New Years day Malcolm got the thrill of his life, when he stepped out onto the field in the Fiesta Bowl.

"It was probably the most, just pre-game, the most exciting game that I've ever been in as long as I've played for Oklahoma," Malcolm said. "Everything is just so illuminated. The light is out there shinning off of everybody's helmet, smoke is all in the building."

But Malcolm's bowl game experience was cut short by injury.

"I jumped up to catch a pass in the endzone and when I came down I was fine," he explained. "I turned around to walk to the huddle and I felt it kind of hurting a little bit. I went to the sideline and told them it was hurting and I went out there for one more play. I came back and said 'I can't do it.' " 

Malcolm tore cartilage in his knee but is expected to be okay. From the sidelines he witnessed the now infamous Boise State game winning play.

"They had me fouled," he said. "I am sure they had everybody watching fouled. Just a great play, a great call."

Malcolm and the Sooners were the Big XII champions this season. Malcolm said his accomplishments with OU are a building block to his dream: the NFL.

"Growing up and playing catch with my dad and stuff like that, you see yourself playing in the NFL and it's kind of like you won't let anything stop you to get where you want to go.  

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