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Some Emergency Sirens In Tyler Are Not Working

Think about the destruction caused in East Texas, last Friday.  Storms and tornadoes ripped through parts of East Texas. However in Tyler, the weather did not warrant the emergency sirens to go off.  So on Tuesday, as the City of Tyler does the first Tuesday of every month, they tested the emergency sirens.   Police confirmed 6 out of the 30 emergency sirens did not work properly.  

However, our Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto has been telling the city about this problem for months and the sirens are still not working.

"The past 5 of the 6 months I actually made phone calls to the city telling them I live a block and a half and I heard nothing.  If the sirens do not work, then lives could be lost and that is the worst thing about this whole thing," says Meteorologist Mark Scirto.

After phone calls this morning, to the mayor and city manager, Police Chief Gary Swindle agreed to talk to us about this problem.  

"We understand that it's a battery related issue," says Chief Swindle.

He agrees this problem has gone unresolved for too long.  

"I don't think it's acceptable.  I think the system is there in a place to do a job and provide a service. But I think we do test for that reason," says Chief Swindle.

"I change the battery in my smoke detector once a year whether it needs it or not.  I think the city needs some type of rotation in these batteries to make sure that a situation like this does not happen again," says Meteorologist Mark Scirto.

"We will go through and ensure that the batteries are working properly as well as the whole system," says Chief Swindle.

During our interview with Chief Swindle, crews were already out replacing the batteries on one of the emergency sirens. Each siren takes 8 marine batteries. Chief Swindle says the batteries on those 6 sirens, that failed, will be replaced and then tested.   He hopes to have the sirens tested by the end of the week.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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