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Baby Survives Three Transplants

It's a story already full of miracles and with the need of a few more.  Ashley Adams is a 17-month old baby who's already had three transplants in her short lifespan.

You've probably seen drop boxes to help Ashley Adams all over Longview, even streets signs asking for your prayers, but who is Ashley?  

"Ashley is just an amazing, amazing child, she is a wonderful baby, she has days that are up and days that are down since transplant. But she's incredible and she's such a fighter, she loves life," says Ashley's grandmother, Glenda Adams.

Back in September, Baby Ashley underwent transplants for her liver, pancreas, and small intestine. She suffered from Short Bowel Syndrome, which caused her liver and others organs to fail.  

"She has had several bouts with near death where just because of infections with the surgeries where she hasn't done well and she bounces back every time," says Sue Haywood, Ashley's Physical Therapist and Longview Ambucs Too.

Ashley was adopted this summer by the Adams family. The couple has been travelling back and forth between Longview and Omaha where she underwent the very expensive transplants. 

"Expenses are just horrendous, they just mount, little things you would never think of, just so many things have to be done," says Glenda.

That's why members of the Longview community have reached out and are hoping you will too.  

"She definitely is considered a miracle baby, and I want, as a part of this community, want to be a part in helping her and hope that everyone could just go to her website and read her story and comment on her, they too will want to help," says Yvonne Wright, a receptionist at Carmela Davis CPA where a drop box is displayed.

"I just want everyone to know that Ashley is worth it, this little girl has a way of just drawing you to her, i can't explain, she's just, she's a wonder," says Ashey's grandmother.

And like her website reads, "she will leave fingerprints all over your heart."

If you would like to help Ashley's family, there is a benefit concert, starring Jason Horn, a contestant who was on American Idol. Tickets are eight dollars, it's Saturday night, 7 o'clock, at the First Baptist Church in Longview.  

If you can't attend, but would like to help you can call 903-753-3329 or you can go to this website, click on the "Know More On 7" link and then click on "Ashley's Story."

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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