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Clean Up After The Storms

Many East Texans are still cleaning up after possible tornadoes ripped through East Texas. One of the towns that was hit the hardest by the storm was the community of Poynor.  Homeowners tried to salvage some of their belongings.  

"We were in Red River, New Mexico on vacation and my daughter called and said our house had gotten hit by a tornado.  The garage and washroom are gone.  Of course the house got flooded so I am just saving what I can save," says Melody.

Family and friends are helping Melody pack up and save what personal items she can.  

"It's all material things it can be replaced and I just thank God that no one was in the house and no one got hurt," says Melody.

Her neighbor, Richard Hamilton is removing what is left of a tree in his front yard.  

"We lost our big oak tree in the front and we have been cutting it up and moving it to the street," says Richard.

Just down the road, County Commissioner Jerry West says inmates are picking up the sheet metal, from 20 storage units, that now line the street.

"We are using the inmates and some of our county equipment to get it off the side of the streets and hauling it," says Commissioner West.

He says there are two things they need.

"Time and some of this good sunshine," says Commissioner West.

He says more than a half of dozen area churches and organizations who have stepped forward to help in the clean up effort.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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