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2/2/07-Gregg County

Accident Involving Two Eight Wheelers Kills East Texan

Two 18- wheelers crash and sideswipe a pickup truck at an East Texas Intersection.   Gregg County DPS says the driver of the pickup died on the scene near Highway 42 and Harrison Road.  That's just outside the Longview city limits.  

DPS says a flatbed trailer ran the red light, slamming into a tanker truck. That's when the tanker crossed the center line and struck a white pickup truck, killing the driver. A passenger of the pickup and the driver of the trailer were taken to the hospital.

"There's a lot of big truck traffic, and I always stop, even on a green light or slow way down and check because it is a dangerous intersection," says Robert Ellsworth, who lives nearby the intersection.

Highway 42 from Harrison Road all the way north to Highway 80 was closed for several hours.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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