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12/31/06-Gregg County

Motorist Shot In Gregg County Traffic Stop

     A motorist is hospitalized after a Gregg County Sheriff's deputy uses deadly force during a traffic stop. Sheriff Maxey Cerliano, says around 8 o'clock Sunday night, a Gregg County deputy made a traffic pull over that resulted in that deputy using deadly force on a suspect from that car. It happened on FM 1252 just west of Highway 42 in Gregg County. That would be just a couple of miles east of Liberty City. Investigators will only say the unidentified deputy found himself in a situation where he felt deadly force was appropriate.

     "During the traffic stop the deputy shot the driver.  He was taken to a hospital and that's all we know right now.  The investigation is preliminary," said Cerliano.

     We don't know the motorists identity or condition.  The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

    Bob Hallmark, reporting.   

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