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Investigators Finish Longview Illegal Dumping Search

       The investigative work is complete on possible hazardous materials found at a dumping area on a Longview property. Authorities discovered the illegal dump Thursday at a home on Mamon street in Longview. Unmarked barrels, batteries and containers of unidentifiable liquid were discovered, prompting health officials to worry if anything was leaking into the soil or ground water. Samples have been taken and at the moment, health workers say there does not appear to be any immediate danger.

   "Taking a look at the different materials hat were there, didn't really find anything that was an immediate danger so basically we over packed just a couple of containers that we we're worried about maybe possibly spilling, they weren;t spilling when we got there and we pulled away from the site we'll get in contact with the owners and begin working the process from there" said Longview developmental services director Kevin Cummings.

     The owners have been allowed to return to the property. The clean up will begin after the new year. Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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