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Storm Causes Damage In An East Texas Town

Some East Texans got up this morning to see for the first time what damage the storm caused. Many discovered trees uprooted, roof damage and debris everywhere. One the areas hit hardest by the storm was the town of Poyner.   

"It's a miracle we are alive this morning," says John Manken.

54 year old John Manken and his wife Charlene came back to their home this morning to find the roof almost completely gone.

"The roof is blown off, everything we had inside is soaked and ruined," says John.

"It's amazing though the part of the ceilings like where we were in the closet that little ceiling stayed in tack," says Charlene.

Charlene and her grandson got into this closet while John stood over them while the storm passed.

Then about a mile away metal, insulation and debris line this street. Most of the debris is from a 20 unit storage building which is now just a concrete slab. One of houses damaged by the storm is Virginia Moore's home. She and her husband took cover just 5 minutes before the storm hit.

"We were on the floor.  Of course, I was praying and it went over and we could hear it just ripping and tearing.  But we didn't have a scratch," says Virginia.

Their living room and bedroom were destroyed.

"We couldn't get to the bedroom until they cleared it out because it had trees and everything. We are very fortunate that it is just a house," says Virginia.

Others residents also had property damage of fallen trees and vehicles being turned upside down.

"It picked it up and flipped it over and it's wheels are facing the sky," says JoAnn Hanna, as she looks at her travel trailer.

However, everyone is grateful that no one was injured. One family did tell us their 5 month old puppy was killed by a fallen tree. Officials believe around a dozen homes were damaged from the storm.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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