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Breaking The Habit Of Breaking Resolutions

Accomplishing that weight loss goal simply starts with being realistic.

"Setting anything more than two pounds per week weight loss is going to be an unrealistic goal because it's just not physically possible," says UTHCT Clinical Dietician Amy Griffith.

Griffith says think smaller meals that are lower in fat, salt and sugar.  She also busted the myth about snacks!

"Actually a recent study showed that people who eat five to six smaller meals a day actually eat more, like 100 calories more per day than eating three meals per day," Griffith explains.

Washing down those healthy, proportioned meals?

"Try to stay away from soda or juice. Those are packed with a lot of calories. They're from the devil!," Griffith says jokingly.

"I know for women, the female clients that I have, the trouble area is the hips and legs," says Premier Fitness personal trainer Casey Lusk.

Once you add that exercise regimen to your meet your goal, Lusk says don't go it alone--find a partner!

"You're competing against that person! And it's not necessarily I'm to life more than him or her. It's more like 'I'm going to have to kick it up' if they're working out harder than you," says Lusk.

Another way to keep that goal going all year long, incorporate those jeans you used to fit into.

Lusk explains, "Once a week just try them on and eventually they'll button again I promise."

With 365 days in the year, it's a lot of time to accomplish your goal.

A recent poll from Marist College surveyed folks and found 71% of men and 57% of women stuck to their resolutions last year.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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