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City Inspects Illegal Longview Residential Dump Site

     Longview health officials are going through veritable mountains of trash and machinery looking for potentially toxic chemicals. The site was discovered yesterday on Mamon street in Longview. After securing a warrant to seize the property, city inspectors and fire personnel began the unnerving process of trying to find out what was in the many containers on the property.

   "We have hazardous materials technicians right now on the property going through taking a look at what chemicals there are they're trying to identify them" SAID Longview Developemental Services Director Kevin Cummings.

    Crews found barrels of insecticides, batteries and containers of unidentifiable liquid. The concern on behalf of environmental health is the weather is coming in and that means rain , they're worried about chemicals that might be leaking on the property and wash into gorund water.

 'What we're worried about is anything spilling right now if it is then we need to stop the spill.. We don't want anything going into the ground that isn't already there" says Cummings.

   A red tape hot zone has been established where workers are carefully examining unidentified containers.

    "This didn't happen overnight we have to do something extraordinary to clean it up" Cummings says.

    No charges have been filed against the landowner yet, but possible felony illegal dumping charges could be filed.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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