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Illegal Dump Site Found Inside Longview

       Acres of trash, possibly piling up for years, was discovered by health inspectors at a home in Longview today. It was at a home in the 500 block of Mamon Street in Longview.   Even health inspectors were overcome with the shear volume of trash when we were allowed to join them at the home.

     "I've never seen anything like it, it's outrageous I had no idea this was here in this quantity this amount or this type of debris" said city of Longview Code Enforcement Officer A.J. Mason.

     Within minutes of the discovery a small army of police fire and city health employees were on the scene.

     "We've got an obvious mess with this piece of property, one of the environmental health officers was investigating another location found that piece of property was owned by the owner of this piece of property" said Environmental Health Department Director Kevin Cummings.

     And then a confrontation with police as relatives of the homeowner object to not being allowed on the property. City inspectors were astounded, there seems to be no limit to the tons of garbage out here and it could take hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funds to clean it up. On only 4 acres, monstrous piles of old machinery, barrels of what appears to be toxic insecticide, acetylene tanks,trash that has been piling up for years.

      "Right in the middle of Longview, it will be an extensive project, easily into the thousands" says Mason.

   Crews are now inspecting the site for dangerous materials.

   "We see containers, old gas bottles things such as that and that worries us, we need to look around and see what were dealing with" Cummings says.

     But right now, it's unknown if there is any environmental damage . Search teams will go on the property in the morning to see if there are any hazardous materials. It's not known how long trash has been dumped at the location. The property owner could face criminal illegal dumping charges.    

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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