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City Of Tyler Gets New Propane Efficient Bus

A new transportation propane bus makes its way to East Texas to save money and help the environment.   The city of Tyler says it took one of its existing buses and put in new technology that uses propane. Propane produces better gas mileage then natural gas and is a cleaner burning fuel. The city says it also hopes the new bus will cut down on taxpayers money.  

"I hope it's just better fuel efficiency and less breakdowns," said Russ Jackson, Tyler Fleet Administrator. "With the old system we were breaking down once a year and it cost about $4,000 to fix the old system and that's a waist of taxpayer money, so we would like to take a change to that. "   The city says it also plans on getting bio diesel fuel in the next six months, which would also help the environment.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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