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Gift Of Love: Suelena, 14 Years Old

14 years old, Suelena likes to go shopping. She also likes skating, dancing and music.

Because of abuse at home, relatives stepped in to take care of Suelena, but she was removed from that home because of abuse, as well. She has now been in foster care about six years.

Her problems left her with a lack of confidence and motivation, causing her problems academically. But this past year, she's made a complete turnaround, making A's and B's.

Cindy Whatley with CPS has worked with Suelena. She tells us, "There are not many children her age who can overcome the obstacles that she's overcome and come out with a positive attitude as well as she has at her age."

Suelena is even talking about getting involved in school activities, like cheerleading.

"I think Suelena has 100% potential to succeed with the right guidance and the right parental support and the right people behind her to encourage her. I think that she could succeed in just about anything she tries," said Whatley.

The one thing Suelena needs to make it all happen, is the Gift of Love.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting 

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