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East Texas Soldier Home For The Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. But if you have loved ones serving in the military overseas, you know that's not always possible. But one East Texas family, who's Marine made it home just in the nick of time for the holidays.

Marine Corporal Keith Pitstick shows his mother pictures from his two tours in Iraq. It's moments he's thankful to have and share with his family this holiday season.

"Did last minute Christmas shopping, most of my shopping on Christmas Eve, just hanging out, going to see movies, stuff like that, watching TV, spending time with my family," he says.

Pitstick knows he's one of the lucky ones. He has two weeks of R&R in Longview before heading back to his base in North Carolina. These are days his mother cherishes.

"If my son wasn't home at Christmas, it would be harder to be without him. We're a very Christian family so Christmas is very important to us, but I honestly feel that it would lonely and it would be a void, but they're there because they want to be there," his mother, Dona Pitstick says.

And there's no doubt Pitstick loves being a marine and fighting for his country. Even though his contract is up in August, he's signed on for an additional four months and another tour in Iraq.  

"I just felt obligated to go back out there one more time," he says. 

Even if it means getting hurt or killed for what he believes in.  

"I chose to do this, this is my job, my profession, this is my job, this is what I wanted to do so I die doing what I love," he says.

And knowing his mom and family will support him during this holiday season, in Iraq, and always.

"It's just a sense of pride that these, boys and girls have that it's just, you can't describe it, you can't write it down in thoughts, you just know they possess it," his Mom says.

Pitstick's third tour in Iraq will end just in time for next year's Christmas, which he, of course, says he'll spend with his family.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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