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Shoppers Head To Stores For Special Deals

Christmas may be over, but for many retailers, the post-holiday shopping frenzy is just starting to set in.   It's the day after Christmas, the day where many people make their holiday returns.  But that's not the whole story this year.  At Tyler's Broadway Square Mall, only a handful of people were there returning gifts. Everyone else was just looking for a good deal.  

The parking lots filled up as soon as stores opened and finding a spot was just as difficult as it was the day before Christmas. "As I was pulling into the parking lot I was thinking, 'This is gonna be crazy'," said Carrie Goodrich, who went to Target to return some pajamas. "I'm hoping they have another size so I get to exchange them," said Carrie.

Retailers say for the most part, clothing is the top item that is returned or exchanged. "We have a lot of seasonal items also that a lot of guests return. There's a lot of sporting goods items. There's always a lot of toy items that were defective.  We received a lot of those items," said Target supervisor Torey Huges.

At Broadway Square Mall, most of the customers were trying to take advantage of the after- Christmas sales. "We got quite a bit. They got maybe 5 or 6 outfits for $120," said Tamara Johnson. "He came about 8 o'clock in the morning, made a first pass, filled up our car with goodies, then brought them home and then went out again, made a second trip," said shopper Iris Bryant.

Many retailers are hoping curious customers looking for a good deal on seasonal items will also check out their new merchandise, and spend more money. "We started putting spring merchandise out on the floor, probably the second week of December," said J.C. Penney assistant store manager Lamont Buckner.

For now, stores are focusing on getting rid of this stuff, to make way for new inventory for the next holiday. 

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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