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Best Buy Busy Over High-Tech Toy Questions

Many of you may have gotten an I-pod or a new digital camera for Christmas and some of you may still be wondering how to use it. Sounds like a job for a bunch of "geeks." It was a busy day for the employees known as the Geek Squad over at Best Buy in Longview Tuesday.

Many people waited in line to ask questions about installing and using their newest high-tech toy. Best Buy employees say every Christmas they get a lot of questions about computers and TVs, but the most popular by far, is how to use the I-pod.

"You'll have people come in and they are so frustrated with this, they've spent you know all day [Christmas Day], because they couldn't get help with it, because nothing's open, but they can come in and they get help with what they need and you can see the relief on their faces," says Best Buy employee Jayson Lane.

If you're not up for waiting in line, but would still like help with your new gadget, the Geek Squad can come out to your home for help.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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