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Instead Of Throwing Away Your Christmas Tree, Why Not Recycle It

You spent so much time decorating your Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, that you may hate to take it down. The holiday is over, however, and for many of you the tree may be dying. Getting rid of your tree doesn't have to be so difficult.  That tree can actually be put to good use. 

Take fish, for example.  If you drop your tree off at one of the designated recycling areas in Tyler and Longview, you have provided a home for fish. Fishermen can pick them up and dump them in a lake. That's why Todd Dirkson of Longview decided to bring his tree to McWhorter Park in Longview.

"Normally, it sits in my yard for a little while and then I burn it off, but this year when I heard about the program I decided to bring it on down," said Todd Dirkson, recycling tree.   Some other ways to recycle your tree is to put it in your back yard for birds and small animals to use as shelter.  You can also save your tree until spring, cut it up and use it as mulch for shrubs and trees.  If your feeling creative, you can even make potpourri out of your tree.  Just dry the branches and then add the needles to cinnamon sticks or cloves.  To make a Christmas scent add water to the potpourri and boil it.  

For people like Chad Longworth of Tyler, it's a way for his Christmas tree to live on.

"Exactly, so the fish can enjoy it," said Chad Longworth, recycling tree. In Tyler, there are two tree recycling areas, Golden Road Park on McDonald Road and Fun Forest Park on North Glendwood Boulevard.  In Longview, three locations are set up, McWhorter Park, Stamper Park and the compost site.  One other reminder, all decorations must be taken off the tree before you can recycle it.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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