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"What Went Wrong?" KLTV 7 NFL Analyst Dissects Cowboys Loss

Terrell Owens said he was embarrassed by it. Terry Glenn said his team was not even trying.

Monday night the Eagles completed their season sweep to keep Dallas guessing about the playoffs.

"I was really surprised the Cowboys didn't come with their 'A' game," said KLTV 7 NFL Analyst Eric Williams. "It was at home and it was a game they should have won and they didn't do it."

A victory against the Eagles Monday night would have meant the Cowboys claimed the NFC East title for the first time since 1998. But for another year, those hopes are put on hold.

"They were doing all the wrong things at the right times," Williams said. "They were coughing up the ball at the wrong time."

Eric believes one huge factor in the game was Terrell Owens. Owens had just two receptions for 23 yards and one touchdown.

"I've been a T.O. backer since the day he got on board," Williams said. "I'm starting to jump off the T.O. train. As a professional, you've got to make the big catches. He had some great opportunities to change the momentum of that game and he didn't."

Eric credits Philadelphia's success to the throwing arm of Jeff Garcia and the Eagle defense.

"It was amazing to see what (Tony) Romo did with the influx of energy for the Cowboys but then Garcia did the exact same thing for Philly. But Philadelphia has the defense, it seems like they have the better defense."

Right now the Cowboys are at least a wild card team, but do the Cowboys still have a shot at the NFC East title? A few things would have to happen: first the Cowboys would have to defeat the Detroit Lions and the Eagles would have to lose to the Atlanta Falcons.

Eric thinks it can happen.

"Atlanta, you don't know what's going to come out of Atlanta. Michael Vick could score a gazillion points. So, if that's the case I could definitely see the Cowboys being on top of the NFC East."

Cowboys play Detroit at noon at Texas Stadium on Christmas Eve.
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