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Christmas Haircut Tradition In Longview

      A holiday tradition continued in Longview as an area barber shop opens it's doors and offers free haircuts to homeless men. For the past 12 years, on Christmas Day, Terrell's Barber Shop in Longview has opened it's doors and offered free haircuts to homeless men.

   "Nice that he does it , certain places that don't want to do it" said homeless man Sandy Bernstein.

     A little thing that means a lot to many of them, and they take it in the spirit it's given.

    "I'm a whole lot lighter you see, he did a burr on top" said Donny Main.

   For some it's a symbol, a symbol of a second chance.

     "I was asking a couple of guys earlier today I said how does this make you feel they said good, helps them out trying to find a job" said Hi-way 80 rescue mission worker Ken Leonard.

     The simple act of getting a haircut gives them back something... A little dignity.. Something they often can't afford.

   "A lot of these guys they don't have the 8 to 15 dollars to pat for a haircut... It's just his way of giving back" says Leonard.

     The Salvation Army Center and the Hi-way 80 rescue mission bused in the men for the free haircuts.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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