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Gladewater Christmas Ornaments Vandalized

An East Texas home is the target of vandalism of Christmas decorations. Three homes were targeted over the last two nights in Gladewater. It happened in a residential neighborhood on Chevy Chase Dr.

The Townsend family of Gladewater take joy in decorating their yard for Christmas. But vandals took some of that joy away by destroying dozens of their pieces overnight.  "What really shocked me is the fact that they would do something like that because you really don't know why and to trash a nativity set I thought that was pretty bad," said Charity Townsend.

It wasn't just knocking things over.  Whoever it was, took a knife or sharp object and intentionally cut open several of the ornaments. Two other yards were hit but not as badly as the Townsends.

The vandalism is hard to understand for four-year-old Abbey Grace who saw the decorations as her toys.  "It's so sad they cut holes in the balloons," said Abbey.

"It's hard to explain to a four-year-old why anyone would do that because you really don't know the answer to that.  You don't know why anyone would do something like that," said Charity.

Hundreds of dollars in decorations are damaged. But they won't let this take away their spirit for the holiday.  "Doesn't effect us.  We're still going to have a great Christmas," said Charity.

In the true spirit of the holiday, they're praying for whoever did this. The incidents have been reported to Gladewater police, but no suspects have been identified.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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