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Freedom Fighters: Herman McGahee

Christmas is a special time for Herman McGahee of Van. But it's a celebration that almost ended for him in 1943.

During World War II, McGahee's plane was shot down over Holland. He was able to evade German soldiers and get in touch with the Dutch Underground. They provided him with civilian clothes, forged papers, and a guide.

However, one of his contacts along the way to freedom was a traitor and turned McGahee over to the Natzi Gestapo. Christmas of 1943 was spent being questioned and threatened by the Gestapo. Christmas of 1944 was spent in a German prison camp as a prisoner of war.

Herman McGahee served his country for over twenty six years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1967.

He's proud of his service in World War Two, The Korean War, as a Navigation Instructor, one of the country's first Satellite Test Controllers for our spy satellite system, and as a base commander. He especially enjoys every Christmas with a special appreciation..

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