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Former East Texas Narcotics Officer Explains Why He Made The Video

A former East Texas narcotics officer has made a video that shows drug users how to fool police.  

Barry Cooper of Big Sandy says he believes marijuana should be legal, and those caught don't deserve to be punished. The video is a documentary on Cooper's life as a narcotics officer. In his eight years with the Gladewater and Big Sandy Police Departments, Barry Cooper says he made more than 300 narcotics arrests, many involving marijuana. Surprisingly, that's something Cooper says he's not proud of.

"I wish that heroin, cocaine and meth were completely eradicated from the face of the earth because they are so dangerous; not so with marijuana," said Barry Cooper. "You can put five people in a room and let them smoke all the marijuana they want. They can eat it, take a bath in it, and the next day they are alive and able to go to work." That's why Cooper says he got out of law enforcement. He says the war on drugs is not working, sometimes at the expense of the men and women fighting it.

"We have more people in jail than ever before, but more drugs on the street than ever before, yet we have dead police officers, some of my fellow brothers," said Cooper. His answer - ending drug prohibition all together.

"Prohibition ruins lives," said Cooper. "If all drugs were made legal police officers would quit getting shot at. " Cooper says rather than fighting drugs, more resources should go to educating people about their dangers.

"America - look, listen to someone who was in the war on drugs," said Cooper. "We are ruining more lives than the drugs themselves by putting these people in prison." His video, 'Never Get Busted Again,' is how Cooper plans on keeping that from happening. His video goes on sale Tuesday. We spoke to local law enforcement officials who say the video does not scare them. They say the information Cooper is providing is no secret and can be found both on TV and the Internet.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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