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Former East Texas Narcotics Officer Makes Video Showing How To Fool Police

It's a story that has made national headlines, a video called Never Get Busted Again that shows people how to conceal illegal drugs and fool police, and it's coming from a former East Texas narcotics officer. For eight years, Barry Cooper of Big Sandy put people behind bars for using or selling drugs. Cooper has worked for the Gladewater and Big Sandy Police Departments. His mission was to get drugs off the streets.

"I've made over 800 narcotic arrests, seized over 50 vehicles and half a million dollars in cash and assets," said Barry Cooper. Ten years later, that vision has changed to helping people never get busted.

"We are using the first amendment right to the constitution, freedom of speech to protect the ever eroding 4th amendment to the constitution that guarantees the American citizens protection against unreasonable search and seizures," said Cooper. Cooper says his video, which goes on sale Tuesday, is a documentary on his experiences as a narcotics officer.

"This is how Barry see's narcotics," said Cooper. "This is where Barry found the narcotics. This is how a narcotics detector dog is trained." Local law enforcement officials like Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle and Tyler DEA agent Richard Sanders say these tactics are no secret.

"I hope he didn't put a lot of money into it because I don't think there is going to be a lot of people buying it. The bottom line is you can find this information out in the Internet and all kinds of sites," said Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle. '

"I would be curious to ask Mr. Cooper if he believes in what he's doing is right so strongly and backs it 100 percent like I do in what I do, if he would be willing to pay the legal fees or serve any of the sentences of his clients, where maybe his technique didn't work for them," said Tyler DEA Agent Richard Sanders. Cooper says his video discourages people from breaking the law, and that it's strickley an informational tool. Cooper's video goes on sale Tuesday.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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